How to use your RESPIMAT® inhaler every day

Three main steps to use your inhaler every day 1


Just remember  Turn – Open – Press 1

Follow the simple, easy to learn steps below for daily use of your RESPIMAT® inhaler:


  • Keep the cap closed

  • Turn the clear base in the direction of the arrows on the label until it clicks (half a turn)


  • Open the cap until it snaps fully open


  • Breathe out slowly and fully

  • Close your lips around the mouthpiece without covering the air vents

  • Point your inhaler to the back of your throat

  • While taking a slow, deep breath through your mouth, PRESS the dose-release button and continue to breathe in slowly for as long as comfortable

  • Repeat TURN, OPEN, PRESS for a total of 2 puffs

  • Close the cap until you use your inhaler again

When to get a new RESPIMAT® inhaler 1


The dose indicator shows the number of remaining doses


When the indicator is in the red area, you will need a new inhaler soon


When the indicator reaches the end of the red area, you will not be able to turn the clear base anymore. Your inhaler is used up and needs to be replaced

After three months, you will need a new inhaler, even if you have doses left

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